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August 12, 2020, the second phase of 11th standard online admissions, i.e. Part-B filling started. often, students fill in their choices of colleges and branches, without rational thinking and/or give preferences, based on prevailing history, wrong information by friends advice or by Internet cafes. They later suffer for 4 years of engineering/pharmacy after 12th, for 2 years after 10th. This can affect badly in further placement and careers.

 Therefore, it is necessary to carefully fill out the option forms of 11th (Arts, Commerce, Science, HSVC) (and later on for BE & BPharmacy etc.)

  • Which Best College/branch will I get, based on my marks?
  • How to fill option forms & get the right Colleges/Streams /Branches

College Predictions, Branch Preferences & Cut-offs & Opening-Closing Ranks of 11th (FYJC), Polytechnic, ITI, Engineering and Pharmacy, MCA, MBA admissions are available FREE on our App and web portal.

For this, the VidyarthiMitra.org educational web portal will give you the best choice, on the basis of your marks and merit number, caste category, which city wise, in a very easy single click. Many things have been verified and made available to the student in a scientific way.

Information on all colleges and cut-offs under the

  • Mumbai (MMRDA)
  • Pune (including Pimpri Chinchwad)
  • Nashik
  • Aurangabad
  • Nagpur
  • and Amravati Junior colleges, for the FYJC Admission, are available on our link  cutoff.vidyarthimitra.org or on Google Play store App link https://bit.ly/2ZmcyYY

    Up-to-date cut-offs are available from 2017 to till date for 11th (FYJC) of all CAP rounds of centralized admission process of all the 6 big cities of Maharashtra, where the admissions process is online. 

    11 th admissions Rank/College predictor is a data-analytics based tool that estimates probable college of the candidate based on his/her marks and rank in the exam. Our college predictor uses previous year trends and efficient algorithms that help you get into an apt institute.

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